A Journey Awaits… by Bits

A camera ready to capture people, a pen that longs to write, articles prepared to educate me; all these shoved into my carryon bag.

Flying to Arizona and immersing myself in an unfamiliar setting, I can only imagine the friendships and experiences that will be formed and created. I have never before met victims of genocide or refugees. And although I consider myself pretty well traveled I feel as if part of my worldliness is missing, an experience that educates more than excites, an experience that concludes with a new found knowledge.

As for my camera, it has never seen the faces of refugees or attempted to tell their stories. But my memory card is cleared and ready to be filled with the moments and views of the Arizona refugees that I know so little about. Stuffed in its case, my camera longs to be set free and seize the moments in a flash.

A new pen filled with ink, ready to write about the adventures and to document the discoveries I have made and the knowledge I have absorbed. My journal will be filled with emotion, frustration and fear, but that will not stop me, I hope to share my story and the stories of the refugee camp. Making my mark along the way, I will broaden my horizons and take on a new perspective. Unsure of what lies ahead, the cap holds back the explosion of experience.

A stack of previously read articles, highlighted, marked and worn, ready to shed perspective on my experiences. Only knowing what literature has taught me of the horrors of genocide I am prepared to critique and analyze the writers before me and challenge their thoughts. Shoved in its folder, the articles are begging to be reread and critiqued.

I am truly honored to travel on this alternative spring break experience will my classmates. I don’t know what the future holds or what will happen when the opportunity of a lifetime arises, but I do know that Phoenix awaits and I am ready!


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