In Phoenix! by aaron

Hello from Phoenix, AZ!  I’m blessed to be with amazing students, in an amazing place, working with amazing people on an amazing mission.  So far we have been on a hike in Sedona, AZ. We enjoyed our time, bonding and enjoying the beauty of Sedona. We also started to think about the upcoming week.  







Then, we went shopping for Catholic Charities to buy hygiene products to deliver to refugees.  We spent about $1,000 at a dollar store buying necessities.



Today, we went to set up an apartment for a new refugee family arriving tonight, visited with refugees from Somalia, Congo, Cuba, and Burma.  

This trip and these students are fantastic.  We struggle with difficult topics, difficult emotions, frustrations, pure joy and all in between.  We share meals together, laugh and push each other intellectually while supporting each other emotionally.  If I could sum up what college should be – I would direct people to this trip.  Not because I am involved, there are certainly more qualified instructors to take this trip.  However, I know there are no others that would learn more or experience more joy than I.  It is a blessing to work with these students and to learn from them.  It is such a joy to watch their earnest, caring, thoughtful and real interactions with refugees and others in this community.  My cup runneth over …

peace and ASB love from PHX,



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